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Wet process of producing Sodium silicate


Wet process can be divided into traditional wet process and active Si02 ordinary pressure process, the traditional wet process need low energy consumption and labor intensity. Also the raw materials are easily obtained and the products are high quality. But this method can only produce the low modulus production that below 2.5. The production principle is that the quartz sand is dissolved in the high temperature liquid alkali, to generate the sodium silicate.

Active Si02 ordinary pressure process is one kind of new process that is developed in the process of 'three wastes' treatment in recent three years. This method is not very popular among many manufacturers. It can produce any production that the modulus between 2.2—3.7. The process principle is that adopt the by—product and active Si02(or silica gel) which is react with caustic soda under the condition of heating in ordinary process. The reaction equation is as same as the traditional wet process.