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What is instant Sodium silicate powder


Sodium silicate is one kind of colorless single crystal in italics, which has the relative density of 2.614 and melting point 1089°C, refractive index 1.520. It can easy dissolve in water but not dissolve in alcohols. Aqueous sodium silicate is white or gray powder. With melting point 48°C. when the temperature reach to 100°C, the aqueous sodium silicate will lost the water of crystallization and then presents a viscous and semitransparent liquid.

This kind of liquid can dissolve in water and alkali but not dissolve in acid and alcohols. With the change of impuritys content, the liquid sodium silicate presents colorless, claybank and turquoise etc. Actually, sodium silicate is low degree of polymerization of inorganic polymer that by chain of Si-o-Si. The industrial sodium silicate's property is decided by the ratio of SiO2 and Na2O, Called modulus.  neutral sodium silicate's modulus is more than 3, but alkaline sodium silicate's modulus is under 3.