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Dry process of Sodium silicate


The quartz sand and sodium salt are stirred uniformly firstly, and then happen melting reaction at the condition of about 1400°C high temperature. According to the different raw materials, it is divided into soda ash and glaubers salt method. The production process includes burdening, calcinations, soluble and concentration.

The specific process
1.     Burdening and calcinations: according to a certain proportion, soda ash and(or glaubers salt ) and quartz sand was stirred uniformly by a blender and then transported in reverberatory furnace by screw conveyor for melting reaction.
2.     Dissolve: when adding raw material in the furnace, melted water glass can flow into the cooling tank from feed opening and then transported in storage barrel by conveyor. After weighing, the glass block was infunded in roller and adding proper quantity water according to different specifications of the products and weight of glass block.

Next, transport steam to dissolve, the steam pressure usually between 0.4—0.5mpa, the speed of roller is 2—4r/min. when the raw material dissolve in a certain concentration, the material liquid was changed to settling tank, and remove impurities by the natural precipitation.