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Types of Sodium silicate


We normally use the sodium silicate is almost two types, one is sodium water glass(Na2O.nSiO2), the other one is potassium silicate(N2O.nAiO2.), both of them can be used into the construction industr. When it is need high technical requirements should use Potassium water glass. The best water glass is colourless. It can soluble easily in water, the form is liquid. It is very easy to influence of an alkaline substance material.
In addititon, Sodium silicate has a certain corrosive, not easy to burn,strong stimulation. If the skin is exposed to it, remove contaminated clothing Immediately. Use the water to clean the skin at least 15 minutes, thus we must be careful when we dealing with it. Please be attention, once we were saying that sodium silicate has the stong solubility however it is relatively not that easy to dissolve in water when the sodium silicate is in high ratio (modulus).