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National standard of Sodium silicate


One of Qihang Chemical's hot products- Sodium silicate is standard adopted is the Chinese national standard: 4209-2008 GB/T. Our company's producing is strictly under this standard and follow all the rules, in China water glass modulus is generally between 2.4 to 3.3. Water glass usually use quartz (SiO2) and on soda (sodium carbonate), in 1300 ~ 1400 degree high temperature calcination generate liquid sodium silicate, from the stove out of outlet, block or water quenched into particles. Powder or liquid silicates can be combined into dry products for use in grouting and caulking tiles. 
In addition, our factory has the ISO9001:2008 quality assured certification that highlighted all the Chemical has been produced would be with the top quality, Qihang Chemical is always bring the best products to all of our customers and business partners and continue.