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The history of Molecular sieve


The other hot product of Qihang Chemical is Molecuar sieve. It is the story in 1932, McBain put forward the concept of "molecular sieve". Then what is this? Molecular sieve is a kind of material with uniform pore size, and its pore size is similar to that of general molecule. The application of molecular sieve is very wide, can be used as an efficient desiccant, selective adsorbent, catalyst, ion exchange, etc., but the use of chemical raw material synthesis of molecular sieve cost is high. Molecular sieve for crystalline silicate or aluminosilicate is from silicon oxygen tetrahedron or alo4 tetrahedra by oxygen bridge bond connected and the formation of molecular size (usually 0.3~2 nm of pore and cavity system size, due to the adsorption of molecules of different sizes and shapes with screening of different sizes of the molecules in the fluid.

Qihang Chemical produces various types of Molecular sieve and all with ISO9001:2008 quality standard. We have 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, PSA type for dear customers to choose from with the best factory price.