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Different types of Molecular sieve


Molecular sieve has many types, according to the size of the pore size, it can be divided into the following categories 3A,4A,5A,PSA,13X etc. The main function of molecular sieve is to adsorb and filter gas. Mainly used in automotive, architectural glass, medicine, paint coating, packaging and other fields. It can be said that Molecular sieve is playing a very imporant role in our daily life. 

Molecular sieve (also known as synthetic zeolite) is a kind of microporous aluminosilicate crystals. It is composed of basic skeleton structure by oxygen and silicon aluminum oxygen tetrahedron, in the crystal lattice are metal cations (such as Na +, K +, Ca2 +, Li +, etc.) use to balance the crystal excess negative charge. The type of molecular sieve according to its crystal structure is mainly divided into: A type, X type, Y type, etc.