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Ratio of Sodium silicate


One of the important specification of Sodium silicate is it's ratio. The ratio of quartz sand and alkali is determine the ratio of SiO2 and Na2Othat is called modulus (n)of the sodium silicate , the modulus of which shows the composition of sodium silicate.Modulus is an important parameter of sodium silicate, generally between 1.5 to 3.5. The modulus is greater, the solid sodium silicate more difficult to dissolve in water, when n is 1 the room temperature water that can dissolve, n need to increase the hot water to dissolve, n greater than 4, 3 pressure above the steam can be dissolved. The greater of the modulus of sodium silicate, silica content, the more the viscosity of sodium silicate, easy to break down hardening, bond strength increases, so different modulus of sodium silicate has a different use. Widely used in ordinary casting, precision casting, papermaking, ceramics, clay, mineral processing, kaolin, washing and other fields.
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