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Features of Sodium silicate


Sodium silicate is used very popular and common in our daily life, for example the washing powder, it is one of the major ingredients in the formula, Sodium silicate has the outstanding dirt-removing power that could help in washing the dirty clothes getting more clean. In addition it can be used in construction industry as well, Sodium silicate is always existing around our daily life in some invisible areas. It could be said that Sodium silicate is playing the very important role in our life. Next, there are two noramal moethods of produce ‘s manufacturing the Sodium silicate, one is dry type, the other is wet type, due to the gry type is pollution of the environmental so it is not popular among the pruducing process, Qihang Chemical will never use the pollution way to produce our chemicals. Love the Earth and against the pollution, Qihang Chemical is aiming to produce the green Chemical, raw materials to the customers and the society.