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Specification of Sodium Silicate


One of our hot produdt- Sodium silicate is a kind of water soluble silicate, inorganic salt. The molecular formula is Na2O·nSiO2. It can be used in many areas, such as Soil Grouting, Silica & Allied Chemicals, Catalysts, Soaps and Detegergent maufacturing, Textile Porcessing, Paper & Pulp, Foundries, Adhesives in Paper & Board industries, Pigment manufacture, Fireproofing, Cement, Building, Binder, Beneficaiton, Drilling and etc. It has three types, instant sodium silicate also named as sodium silicate powder, solid sodium silicate and liquid sodium silicate but all in the same function and effect, we strong recommend the solid sodium silicate and instant sodium silicate for overseas buyers.
Qihang Chemical is aimed to provide all the customers the top quality chemicals with the best factory price. Our sodium silicate has been qualified by IOS9001:2008 quality control, as one of the leading manufacturers in China, our yearly output could up to 100,000 tons, we could satisfy all different levels of quantity demand by customers. Qihang Chemical is your best business partner, get contact with us.