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Sodium Orthosilicate


Sodium silicate has two kinds of type: sodium metasilicate and sodium orthosilicate. The formers formula is Na2SiO3 and the later is Na2SiO4.
The sodium orthosilicate is colorless crystals with the melting point 1291k(1088°C). it is rare in life, it can separate out silic acid when meet with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and carbon dioxide. It should be close to save and forbiden the carbon dioxide into. Rubber plug should be used to prevent sticking to the ground glass stopper. In industrial area,we use the sodium carbonate melting with quartz sand to make. The chemical equation is Na2CO3+SiO2= Na2SiO3+CO2, for containing ferrous salt often with pale blue green. It can be used as inorganic bonding agent, soap filling agent, modulate acid—resistant concrete. It can be used as wall coating after joining the pigment.