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Sodium Metasilicate


Sodium silicate has two different kinds: Sodium metasilicate and Sodium orthosilicate. The formers formula is Na2SiO3 and the later is Na2SiO4.

Sodium metasilicate is a kind of low molecular crystal product. It is made by liquid glass reacted with sodium hydroxide solution. There are three kinds: anhydrous sodium metasilicate, sodium silicate pentahydrate, sodium metasilicate nonahydrate. But only the china market has the sodium metasilicate nonahydrate. In 1980s, the sodium metasilicate nonhydrate was urgent esploited to meet the market needing,so the quanlity is in low technical content. The melting point has only 42°C, so it is easy to become liquid or cream. It is gradually weeded out by the market,but apart of users are not care about the water of crystallization. So this kind of product still occupy a little marketplace.