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Anhydrous Sodium Metasilicate (I)



1.  To laundry paste, liquid washing detergent, washing powder detergent, anhydrous sodium metasilicate will not separate out crystal water. It shows a significatly effection to detergent products, and has a strong stability to the peroxide, bleaching agent in detergent. So it can be used as a base powder to make concentrated washing powder. It has many advantages: no clump, no hydrolysis; No precipitation and strong detergency.

2.  As a kind of restaurant detergency, the oil absorption value can high reach to 70,in the aspect of cleaning grease dirt        capacity, it can replace nonahydrate sodium metasilicate (38).

3.  To industrial detergent additive. ISS as a metal cleaning agent, it is an imporant component, with strong detergency and good corrosion protection and rust protection effection. For example: heavy oil cleaning agent, oil pipline cleaning agent and alchol bottle cleaning agent.