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About liquid Sodium Silicate


The usage of liquid sodium silicate, water glass is very widely, nearly throughout the various department of the national economy. In chemical industral area, it can be used to make silic gel,white carbon black, zeolite molecular sieves, sodium silicate metasilicate pentahydrate, silic sol, layer of silicate, instance sodium silicate powdered, potassium sodium silicate and anyother silicate productions etc. It is the basic material of silicon compounds.

In developed country,with the sodium silicate as the raw material to deep processing for a series of products has reached more than 50 kinds. Some of them has involved in high—technology fields. In the light industrial filed, liquid glass is the indispensable detergent raw material for washing powder and soap. It is also water softener and setting agent. In the textile industry, it can be used for helping coloration, bleaching, washing and starching. In machine making industrial, it is used for founding,nicety founding, grinding wheel making and metal antiseptic. In building field, it is used to alumina cement, acid—resistant cement, soil curing agent, fire—resistant. In agriculture field, it is used for silicon fertilizer. In oil industrial, for making sodium alumimium activator used for oil catalysing and cracking.