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Main Usage of Liquid Sodium Silicate


A.    If we use the liquid glass which has the density of 1.35g/cm3 to moisten or brush the clay brick, cement concrete, silicate concrete, dimension stone etc. we can improve the compactness, intensity, anti—permeability, frost resistance and water tolerance of the corresponding materials. So as to achieve the ability to resist risks. 

B.    The silica gel will be separated out when the liquid glass and calcium chloride solution is alternating injected into the soil. In the damp enviroment, silica gel for absorbing the moisture in the soil, the soil is in a state of inflation, so the soil will be concreted.

C.    For making quick waterproofing agent.

D.    It also has the function of mending and adhere to the wall when liquid glass was mixed with graining of blast furance slag powder, sand and fluorine sodium silicate in appropriate ratio.

E.   Liquid glass can be used to make the outer surface of the proof fire door.

F.    Also can be used to make the acid---resistance gel cement.

G.   Making silic gel.