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Introduction of Liquid Sodium Silicate


Product name: Liquid Sodium Silicate, also named as Water glass, Industrial and Electronic grade
Appearanceitˊs a kind of caseious transparent slimy liquid, no peculiar smell, no color (pale yellow or pewter sometimes).
Manufacture methodIt is made by quartz sand melting with sodium carbonate powdered in furnace.
Chemical reaction equationNa2Co3 + SiO2 =Na2SiO3 + C02
Chemical  featuresLiquid glass can long—term survival in neutral or alkaline condition. Sodium silicate gel precipitation will be separated out when react with acid. 

Product characters We adopt the latest technology and control the quality of product strictly. It has the advantages of less precipitation. Good cohesive force and high strength. (Solid silica gel is the main components of liquid glass when become harden, SO It has the high cohesive force.)

Good resistance to acidIt can resist nearly all organic acid and inorganic acid except hydrofluoric acid, thermal phosphoric acid and senior fatty acid.

Good heat resistant In the condition of high temperature, the strength of Silica mesh skeletonˊs falling is very small. When we use heat resistance and         refractory aggregate to react with sodium silicate cement mortar and concrete, the heat resistance can reach 1000°C.                 
So we can understand that the heat resistanced of sodium silicate depending on the heat of aggregate.