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Advantage of Activated poly sodium metasilicate (APSM)


Activated poly sodium metasilicate (APSM) is an non-phosphorus detergent auxiliary with excellent soluabilty, even in the cold water. It is the best sodium products which could completely replace STPP and 4A Zeolite, with the same effect of STT but phosphorus free whether STPP caused serious pollution problem. In addition, APSM has the high calcium and magnesium exchange ability, better then STPP and 4A Zeolite. Another function of APSM is it has the action of softening water, long time to wash clothes not getting harden when use APSM as the detergent auxiliary.

It could be said that APSM is the new generation of environmentally friendly detergent auxiliary, in order to know the specification and more information of this green product, please contact with Qihang Chemical today, we would like to arrange you the free samples for testing the quality what we are proud of, Qihang Chemical is keep providing the top quality chemicals with the best factory price to our customers world widely.