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Advantage of Complex sodium disilicate (CSDS)


Qihang Chemical is the leading manufacturer of Complex sodium disilicate CSDS, would like to intorduce it is the new generation of non-phosphorous detergent effective additive, the best replacement of STPP and 4A Zeolite, here are some highlighted advantage of Complex sodium disilicate.

1.     Complex sodium disilicate has a significant effect to improve the detergency.

2.     As a kind of no phosphorous help lotion, it can meet the all needs of technical and ecological requirement about STPP substitute.

3.     Good buffer function of alkalinity can keep the scrubbing solution having a better PH buffer function. Complex sodium disilicate has a good help lotion function, quick dissolution and low temperature requirement. The solubility is much better than STPP,4A zeolite and other sodium silicate powder products.

4.     Compared with other silicate, complex sodium disilicate is non hygroscopic and has a high calcuim and magnesium ion exchange capacity, also has a strong detergency and better soften water function.

5.     It can adsorb surface active agent for making good apperance and liquidity washing powder in molding agglomeration process.

6.     It is your desirable efficient additive for making no phosphorous detergent. Not only has no environmental pollution but also lower production cost, compared with the same level traditional phosphorous washing powder. It has no bad influence to water,animals and aquatic organisms. When flowing into rivers and lakes,the water will not become eutrophication.

7.     Suggestions about usage levelwashing powder 8--30  industrial cleaner 25--45﹪ Table lotion 3--8