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Features of Instant Sodium Silicate


Instant sodium silicate powder is known as hydrated sodium silicate. With the peculiarities of white appearance, powder form, good uniformity, this product is especially suitable for mechanization and automation. It is widely used in metallurgy, electricity, petrochemical, and building materials, industrial detergents, antiseptic substance. In the areas of soapmaking, acid—resistance cement, fine ceramics industrial and nicety founding, it is widely used as quick drying agent and strengthening agent.

Instant sodium silicate powder has all the properties and applications of liquid glass. Instant sodium silicate powders molecular formula is NaO2· mSiO2 ·nH2O, generally formula weight is between 280—350. Compared with anhydrous sodium silicate powder, which is smashed by machine, the former have a lot of precious nature. For example, water soluble speed, degree of purity etc. Instant sodium silicate powder belongs to fine chemical products. It is maded by melting the solid sodium silicate, filtration, exchange modulus and spray drying.