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Feature of Activated Poly Sodium Metasilicate



1.     APSM calcium and magnesium complexing capacity is equal with STPP, with the characteristics of demineralized water speed, strong ability and range wide.

2.     APSM is highly compatible with any kinds of surface active agent espcially non—ionic surface active agent), and stains ability is strong.

3.     APSM easily dissolve in water. 15minmum can be dissolved in 10ml water.

4.     APSM is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspension, anti—sluging, and PH buffering value is desirable.

5.     APSM with high whiteness and high effectively of content, it is suitable to make washing powder and easily to be controled.

6.     APSM is environment friendly and highly cost performance. It can improve the liquidity of pulp, increase soild conent of pulp, and save energy consumption thus greatly reduce the cost of detergent.

7.     APSM can be used as auxiliary agent to partly replace or completely replace STPP, and meet the demands of users.