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Features of Complex Sodium Disilicate


Complex sodium disilicate is made by a process of centrifugation,spray and desiccation. This kind of efficient and strong soluble no phosphorus help lotion is a desirable substitute about sodium tripolyphosphate. The specific gravity of this product can be adjusted by requirements. It is diffusely used washing powder, detergent, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, textile etc.

This products calcium and magnesium complexing ability is higher than 4A zeolite. Compared with STPP, it has the traits of softening water speed and wide temperature range. It is highly compatible with all kinds of surface agent (especially for non—ionic surface active agent) and stain removal capability is also satisfactory. It is easily dissolve in water, 15g minimum can be dissolved in 10ml of water. It is capable of soakage, emulsification, suspending and anti---deposition. PH buffering capacity is also desirable. It is high cost performance and efficient environmental protection. It can improve the liquidity of slurry, increase soild content of slurry and save energy consumption thus reduce the cost of detergent.