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Character of Liquid Sodium silicate


Sodium silicate is one kind of strong alkali and weak acid salt, and easy to hydrolyze under the action of water. Liquid sodium silicate is primarily a colloidal solution and used as a binder. For powdered sodium silicate dissolve in water easily. The powder sodium silicate can be added to bulk refractories directly for making amorphous refractory. The stability of viscosity is very important when liquid sodium silicate is used as a binder in refractory.

Liquid sodium silicates viscosity is connected with density, modulus and temperature. Under the same density, the greater the modulus, the higher the viscosity. High modulus sodium silicate solutions viscosity will increase intense when the density increase. But low modulus sodium silicates viscosity change slowly with the density. This is related to the colloidal silicon dioxide of sodium silicate solution. The higher the modulus, the more contents of colloidal silicon dioxide, the stronger the colloidal properties of sodium silicate solution. On the contrary, the lower the modulus, the less the colloidal properties in the entirely  system.