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Modulus of Sodium Silicate


The mixing proportion by quartz and alkain decide the modulus of sodium silicate. The modulus reveal the composition of sodium silicate and it is a vital parameter about sodium silicate (Generally  between1.5—3.5 ), the bigger the modulus is, the solid sodium silicate is more difficult to dissolve in water.

When the modulus is 1, it can dissolve in normal temperature water. When the modulus become bigger, it can disslove only in hot water.  When the modulus exceed 3, it requires more than four pressure steam to dissolve. The bigger the modulus is, the more content about silica and the sodium silicate viscosity  increase, easy to decompose and hardening, binding power enhanced. So different modulus sodium silicate has a different usage. It is widely used in founding, nicety founding, papermaking,ceramic, the clay, mill run, kaoline, detergent area etc.