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Type 3 a molecular sieve


Molecular sieve is a kind of silicon aluminate, is mainly composed of silicon aluminium through oxygen bridge connection open skeleton structure, there are a lot of aperture in the structure uniformity of the concreted complete order, inner hole surface area is very big. In addition also contains electricity price is low and the big metal ion and ionic radius combination state of water. Because the water molecules in the heated continuously losing, but crystal skeleton structure remains the same, has formed many of the same size of the cavity, the cavity has many of the same diameter pores, smaller than channel diameter of molecular adsorption material inside the cavity, and the hole bigger than molecular excluded, so that the different shape to the size of the molecule separate, until the molecular sieving effect, thus known as molecular sieve. It is mainly used for all kinds of the depth of the gas, liquid and dry, separation and purification of gases, liquids, catalyst carrier, etc., and therefore is widely used in oil refining, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, defense industry, etc., at the same time in the pharmaceutical, light industry, agriculture, environmental protection, and many other aspects, has been applied widely.

3 a molecular sieve, mainly used in oil cracking gas, olefins, smelting plant, oil field gas dry gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial use, such as hollow glass desiccant. Chemical formula: two-thirds of k2o, 1/3 na22o, AI2O3, 2 sio2 ·. 9/2 h2o
Main application
1, liquid (such as ethanol) dry
2, the dry air of hollow glass
3, nitrogen, hydrogen gas mixture of dry
4, refrigerant drying

Type 3 a molecular sieve available heat and purging or fit method at the same time, repeat use.