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5 a molecular sieve properties


5 a molecular sieve
Summary of 5 a molecular sieve 5 a molecular sieve aperture for 5 a, can adsorption is less than the diameter of any molecule, is mainly used in heterogeneous hydrocarbon separation, pressure swing adsorption separation and total absorption of water and carbon dioxide, industrial application characteristics, based on 5 a molecular sieve 5 a molecular sieve choose high adsorption, adsorption speed, especially suitable for the pressure swing adsorption, can adapt to all kinds of size of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas pressure swing adsorption device, such as pressure swing adsorption is high-quality goods in the industry.
5 a molecular sieve formula is 0.70 0.30 Na2O CaO Al2O3 SiO2 4.5 2.0 H2O
5 a molecular sieve performance

The specific application
Pressure swing adsorption, air purification, dehydration and carbon dioxide
Within 30 kg carton packaging, aluminum foil bag vacuum packing (or) metal pail packing note molecular sieve adsorption water before use to prevent gas or liquid, organic, otherwise, shall be renewable.