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Different form of Sodium silicate


Sodium silicate the trivial name is water glass and the trade name is natron. Molecular formula is: Na2Omsio2. The letter 'm' represents the modulus, which is the ration of molecular weight of silicon dioxide and sodium oxide. Sodium silicateproduction process have two kinds: solid coherent method and the liquid phase wet method. Liquid sodium silicate is main used in industrial area. Solid sodium silicate is difficult to dissolve in cold water at normal temperature, but can dissolve in hot water at atmospheric pressure. The critical dissolving temperature is between 85—90°C

When the softening point temperature below 1000°C, the solid sodium silicate will become liquid sodium silicate. Sodium metasilicate s modulus is 1, the process is that the liquid sodium silicate react with caustic soda. It can combine with water to generate a variety of crystalline hydrate. In the Industrial area, there are three forms exist: anhydrous sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and sodium metasilicate nonahydrate. Anhydrous sodium silicate is main used in detergent for easy dissolve in water. Sodium silicate is the raw material of sodium metasilicate, but the sodium metasilicate is one products of sodium silicate. the