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Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3), also known as Paohuajian (Chinese local name) sodium silicate (xNa2O. YSiO2), colorless, green green, or brown solid or viscous liquid. Sodium silicate is made up of silica, quartz sand, soda ash or alkali soil in the melting furnace melting, cooling crush was prepared, its fuel is coal, natural gas, gas. Paohuajian manufacture process can be divided into two kinds of dry method and wet method, is usually used by the production of dry solid paohuajian, then through dissolving into the required specifications of the liquid paohuajian, the conversion rate is 1:2. 5. Raw materials for production paohuajian of quartz sand, soda ash, mix them according to certain proportion to the reflection in the kiln, high-temperature calcination furnace melting water quenching after the packaging is solid paohuajian. Solid paohuajian for transportation and storage. The solid paohuajian under certain temperature and pressure to melt it into liquid to liquid paohuajian.
Learn reactive for: Na2CO3 + SiO2 - Na2SiO3 + CO2 write (high temperature)
The preparation of
The quartz sand, soda ash - mixing - calcining - water quench - solid paohuajian - via melt - liquid paohuajian.