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Molecular sieve can be divided into natural and synthesized zeolites two


Molecular sieve can be divided into natural and synthesized zeolitestwo. Natural zeolite consists of volcano tuff and tuffaceous sedimentary rocks in marine or lacustrine environment react and form.Has 1000 kinds of zeolite ore, more important is of 35 kinds, common with clinoptilolite, mordenite, Mao Feishi etc.. Mainly distributed in the United. States and Japan and France, China has found a large number of mordenite and clinoptilolite deposit. Molecular sieve byframe elements can be divided into silicon aluminum molecular sievealuminophosphate molecular sieve, and skeletal atom molecular sievepore size of less than 2nm; according to the division of microporous molecular sieve 2~50nm mesoporous molecular sieve is greater than4 50nm macroporous molecular sieve.
Commercial molecular sieves common prefix digital molecular crystal structure of different sieve classification, such as 3A type, 4A type, 5Atype molecular sieve. The 4A type is 4A in diameter. A type molecularsieve with NA+ denoted NA-A, if na+ is k+ displacement, pore size is about 3A which is 3A type molecular sieve; such as Na-A 1/3 + NA+ by ca2+ replacement, pore diameter is about 5a, which was 5 a molecular sieves.