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Molecular sieve dehydration process


Molecular sieve dehydration process of natural gas industrial dehydration adsorber at present is mainly fixed bed adsorption tower, in order to ensure the continuous operation, need at least two adsorption tower. Molecular sieve technology process generally fall into two tower, tower or tower process. The dehydration process, the two tower one tower is operating, the regeneration of the adsorbent and cooling tower with the other, and then switch operation. In three or more towers process, affected by factors such as feed conditions switch application can have many choices, such as adsorption tower process can use a tower, a tower regeneration, another adsorption cooling tower or the tower, a tower regeneration and cooling of the switching process.

Two tower two tower processes by loading with molecular sieve of two towers, hypothesis 2 in drying tower, tower 1 for regeneration. During the regeneration, all the adsorption material was desorption by heating, and for the tower to prepare next adsorption cycle. Wet raw material gas by the feed gas filter separator, from top to bottom after the removal of carrying droplets into the molecular sieve dehydration tower (2), to undertake dehydration adsorption process. After the removal of water dry gas general after product gas dust filter dust removal of molecular sieve, carry out product gas as the unit.

Regeneration cycle consists of two parts of heating and cooling. During the period of heating, gas by the gas heater heating to 200 ~ 315 e, bottom-up into molecular sieve dehydration tower (1), the molecular sieve regeneration process. Molecular sieve dehydration tower (1) the top of angry again after gas cooler, again into the condensate gas separator separating out, and then anger can return to the wet raw material gas, also can be added to the product gas, still can enter the factory in the fuel gas system. Once the molecular sieve bed is regenerated completely, then angry will go longer angry heater bypass, into the molecular sieve dehydration tower (1) in order to make the bed layer cooled down, when the cold air outlet temperature is lower than 50 e blowing, cooling process can be stopped.