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Molecular sieve activation when the matters needing attention


1, manual operation of the valve should be slowly open, prevent excessive too hard and destabilize the system pressure.
2 when switching, and each stage and observe the movement situation of each valve and check on whether the opening is consistent with microcomputer shows, and transmit signal is consistent. If there are any problems should be resolved in a timely manner, to stop treatment with reference to use shall be recorded in detail.
3, after activation, the ark of the transfer of electric heater power supply should be dispose of brake, and close the valve on the purification system.
Four hollow cooling towers, air cooling system, water cooling tower water net, shut down the pump inlet and outlet valve.
5, pay attention to air compressor operation, if any abnormal effective measures should be taken timely processing, and reporting.
6, if you have any suggestion on the purification system when the air pipe for leakage test, and check whether butterfly valve can be locked, and carefully recorded.