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Inorganic gel- Liquid Sodium silicate


As a kind of inorganic gel, liquid sodium silicate is a adjust control agent for some sulfide ore or non—sulfide ores flotation. It has a good inhibition effect to quartz, silicate gangue mineral etc. liquid sodium silicate can be used as a selective inhibitor, when fatty acid as an adjuvant to flotation fluorite, calcite and scheelite. When the dosage of sodium silicate is bigger, also have inhibition to sulfide ore.

At the same time, liquid sodium silicate is used as a dispersant of flotation usually, to improve the phenomenon of bubble stick and improve the concentrate taste of ore. Especially to the mud content more material. But too much sodium silicates addition will make the concentrate filtering too difficult. Studies shows that the higher the modulus the inhibition effect is more significant when the same dosage of sodium silicate is used.