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Detergent raw material- Instant Sodium Silicate


Luoyang Qihang Chemical is the leading manufacturer of Sodium silicate in China with over 20 years experience, yearly output could up to 100,000 tons with ISO 9001:2008 quality control. 
Instant sodium silicate (Sodium siliate powder) is one kind of white powdered material. It can disolve in water quickly.
With the advantages of cold tolerance, uniformity, stored easily and convenient transportion, instant sodium silicate powdered own the all functions and applications about liquid glass. Instant sodium silicate powdered is mainly used as a help lotion for adding to synthetic detergent, making the agglomeration forming concentrated laundry detergent, especially suitable for making low phosphorus detergent and no phosphorus detergent. It also can be used for other different aspects, like industrial detergent household detergent.