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It's the time to meet Complex sodium disiliate/APSM


Nowadays, the Earth pollution issue is becoming worse and worse; Apparently people are using daily chemical products every single day, such as Detergent products; Thus in order to protect our lovey environment we should reduce the useage of those harmful chemical products. Qihang Chemical would strong recommend, It is the time to meet environmentally friendly chemical raw material for Detergent making- Complex sodium disilicate/APSM. 

Complex sodium disilicate/Activated poly sodium metasilicate is the best replacement of STPP and 4A Zeolite. It is the great chemical raw material with several advantages, which has been widely used in detergent manufacturing as the STPP and 4A Zeolite substitute. 
CSDS/APSM is the phosphorus-free product with strong solubility, which has the same effect as STPP; Much better than using STPP to cause seriously pollution issue.  
It has the outstanding high calcium exchange ability with minimum 400; 
It has the excellent PH buffering capacity;
It has the better dirt-removing power when comparing to 4A Zeolite;
It could be used in the same detergent producing process as STPP, no need to change the equipment for the manufacturer, thus would not rise any extra cost for the factory; 
In some wastewater treatment aspects caused by using harmful chemical raw material, CSDS/APSM using manufacturer no need to worry about and can reduce the significant cost.

In conclusion, CSDS/APSM is not only be the ideal raw material applied to the washing powder making industry, but also it could be widely used in detergent, textile auxiliary agent industries and printing and dyeing auxiliary areas. 

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